1. What is THE STARTUP LEAGUE? Open or Close

The Startup League (www.thestartupleague.co.in) is a Pan India initiave launched by Millionminds under the patronage of Startup India (A Govt. of India Initiative to Foster Startup Ecosystem in the Country).

In current academic year, The Startup League will be hosted in 40 Cities in India (majorly in Tier 2 / Tier 3 cities). Finalized winners (Top 3-4 Teams) across all these participating 40 cities, will get entry to one of the Grand Finale of Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore accordingly.



2. What is the benefit for participants through The Startup League?Open or Close

The Startup League platform will provide various opportunities to the selected cities winners who will be attending Grand Finale shows.

Benefits are here:

  • Get incubation support.
  • Opportunity to attract seed investment.
  • Chance to enter into various acceleration programs across country.


3. Will there be any sponsorship provided by Team Millionminds to attend Grand Finale events in Mumbai. Delhi & Bangalore?Open or Close

No. Millionminds won't be able to provide the cost of travel to the Grand Finale happening at Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore locations.

In any case, Millionminds is NOT taking/asking any entry fees from the participants, attendees for THE STARTUP LEAGUE hence it will be best interest of all of us to keep the costing at minimum or zero level for every stakeholders.

4. Who are eligible to participate in The Startup League?Open or Close

A - All the students who are undergoing their graduation course across any stream say Engineering, Management, Medical, Pharmacy, Agriculture and other educational streams too.

B - Students who have already passed out in 2015 or later year can also apply to this competition.

5. If there is no event planned in my city, can I still participate?Open or Close

Yes, you can always participate in any city event as per your convenience & reach.

6. Is there any charge/fees for participating in The Startup League?Open or Close

No, there are no charges/fees for participation in The Startup League.

7. Are there any criteria for Startup or Startup Ideas to participate?Open or Close

No. There are no restriction for Startup Ideas for participation.

Anyone having unique Startup idea clearly supported by a sound business plan, are encouraged to apply.

8. How many Startup Ideas/ Teams will be selected to pitch at each city event?Open or Close

Millionminds Team will select around 10-12 Startup Ideas/ Team based on the merit of their Startup Ideas and submitted synopsys reports, ppt etc.

These selected Teams will get chance to present in front of the judges/jury members at that city event.

9. How much time will be given to each Team for pitching/presenting idea on stage?Open or Close

One Team will get 15 min (maximum) time slot to present in front of jury/panel members. Here 10 min will be for presentation and 5 min for QnA.

10. When will respective cities winner be announced?Open or Close

Winners from each cities will be announced on the same event day at the venue itself.

11. How many finalists will be selected at every city event?Open or Close

Upto Top 3 winners will be selected from each city event.

In some cases, if jury finds more than 3 Team will great ideas, they may be considered as finalists. This will be solely depending upon the jury members to select the ideas based on their presentation and merit.

12. Who are going to be there in jury/ panel members?Open or Close

Your Idea will be evaluated by eminent personalities from Startup Ecosystem say, VCs, Investor members, entrepreneurs, incubators etc.

13. Can I apply in more than one city event?Open or Close

Yes, you can apply in more than one city event as long as you are not declared a winner at one of the city event.